Camper Vans For Rent in Iceland


   Welcome to Trip Campers in Iceland!

Trip Campers is a company which gives you the unique opportunity to rent comfortable and efficient camper vans to travel all around Iceland. Our aim at TripCampers is to make it possible for you to visit Iceland without worrying about the typical time constraints and any other hassle connected with package tours.

The alternative that Trip Campers gives you is that you do not have to pay twice: first for car rental and then for accommodation. Our campervans give you both! Trip Campers offers cars adjusted both to travel and to a night’s lodging, fitted with all the necessary equipment.

We offer 24/7 pick up/ drop off service from or to Keflavik  International Airport.

Trip Campers gives you total freedom among unique breathtaking landscapes and unforgettable souvenirs from amazing holidays!

The beauty of Icelandic nature, its plants and wildlife will guarantee constant amazement and new wonders at each step you take.


…do not hesitate! Meet the Land of Fire and Ice with Trip Campers!

  • Included Extras

    1. Best Prices

      No hidden charges at vehicle hire.
      If you add the hire price of the vehicle, its equipment and the extras that we offer for free, you see that our prices are the best on the island! We also offer a discount ticket for fuel, which lowers the cost of your stay in Iceland.